Make A Financial Comeback

Make a financial comeback with Dane County Credit Union
Make a financial comeback with Dane County Credit Union

What could a Super Bowl win and your finances have in common? Sometimes every one needs a good comeback.

This year’s Super Bowl was an incredible game! The Philadelphia Eagles captured their first championship in franchise history, in a game that was a true battle from start to finish. Quite the contrast from last year, when the New England Patriots came thundering back from a 28-3 deficit, shocking the Atlanta Falcons (and the world) en route to the comeback of the century.How could they possibly do that? Have you ever been in a situation like that, where you need to make a huge comeback? Really, it’s not as hard as you think.

The first part is attitude. Do you think the Patriots, after being down 25 points, thought that the game was over? Absolutely not! They believed in their teammates, their coaches, and most importantly, themselves that they were going to make a comeback. Their attitude proved that even the loftiest odds can be overcome, and they have a ring to prove it!

Second was a game plan. Coaches made changes. Players made adjustments. They planned out exactly what they needed to do in order to win the game. And they did just that. That’s the third part. They took that plan, and they executed it to perfection – forever winning one of the greatest comebacks of all time!

This is a formula that can be applied everywhere. Even with money!

Comebacks are seen everywhere in the financial world. Maybe you had an unforeseen expense which drained your cash. Or right after a big spend, you find there’s a concert happening soon that you just have to go to. Or you took a hit to your credit score.

Lucky for you, at DCCU, we help with comebacks all the time. Contact us anytime. We’ve got products, services and people to get you back on track. We’ll help you get a plan, and then execute it to perfection. With DCCU, you can be a financial champion whether it’s from the get-go, or as part of a huge comeback.


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