Community Involvement

Summer Community Shred Events

DCCU holds shred events each summer. 2017 dates will be posted when they're available.

Join us for the next DCCU Cares Event

Each quarter DCCU looks for donations and volunteers to help us with a “DCCU CARES” event. These events are organized by our Community Involvement Committee with the goal of helping people in our community.

Community Involvement Practices

It is the philosophy of Dane County Credit Union to invest resources to non-profit organizations that benefit those in our field of membership and whose goals and objectives are aligned with the credit union mission and values. Our objective is to promote designated issues with non-profits to create measurable positive change in Dane County, WI.

Past DCCU Cares Events


On Saturday, July 30, 2016 DCCU once again sponsored a team for Project Home's Paint-A-Thon. Our volunteers made a significant impact in the life of a local homeowner.

Heistnad Park Clean Up

On May 21, 2016, volunteers from Dane County Credit Union removed garlic mustard, an invasive weed, from Heistand Woods Conservation Park. Read about the event and view pictures on our blog.

River Food Pantry

On March 8, 2016 the DCCU Cares team of volunteers participated in an event at the River Food Pantry. We helped out at their lunch pantry session serving up food and supplies.


On Saturday, August 1, 2015 DCCU sponsored a team for Project Home's Paint-A-Thon. Our volunteers made a significant impact in the life of a local homeowner.

Friends of the State Street Family

On June 27, 2015 we sponsored and participated in a Food Run with the Friends of the State Street Family. Friends of the State Street Family is an organization that supports and helps feed Madison's more than 400 homeless citizens. If you would like to learn more about what they do, visit their website. There are many volunteers and needs to make this event happen each week. Read More

Dane County Humane Society

On May 14, 2015 we helped clean up the outdoor grounds of the Dane County Humane Society by removing invasive weeds, clearing trails of debris and fallen branches from the winter, as well as cleaning up droppings. The animals depend on clean, clear outdoor areas to exercise and stay healthy! Also, we asked members and friends to participate in a donation drive for The Humane Society of Dane County. Read More

Gilda's Club

On March 17, 2015, we prepared and served a group meal at Gilda's Club in Madison. Gilda’s club supports those who are impacted by cancer.

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